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Artesculp is for its creator, Ramón Alcolea, the art of sculpting hair skin.

This new technique initially wronly called "Peligrafía" is renamed by its creator as Artesculp.
"The 'Peligrafia' is a picture or drawing that goes to be put, while in my art, you must remove, not add, that is, sculpting. Artesculp means the art of sculpting hair skin" as Ramon wrote.

The technique is the result of the invention and development carried out by Ramon from the fifties.
The cut hair at different heights has always been a way of sprucing animals for special events.
Using this new technique, he began to draw motives inspired on the more traditional painting, without using pigments, only cutting the hair on the animal's skin, which surprised to everybody, that commonly happens with the new techniques.

The new art was executed with a great quality by his creator, consummating their invention. This new form of artistic expression needed tanned skins and much research in searching and building the necessary tools to give birth this art.

The producer SalDePlataProds, shows us at this graphic document a brief about the life of the creator and the endless creativity that has presided over his entire career.

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