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Ramón Alcolea was born in Socuéllamos, a town in the province of Ciudad Real, on 11th June 1925 and since he can remember, loves drawing

When he decided to devote himself to the office of shearer, awakened his interest in making drawings on the skin of farm animals, mainly mules. After getting some recognition because the quality of the work that was able to develop in these animals, during the feast of San Isidro Labrador, on May 15th, 1954, he surprises with a mule adorned not with geometric designs but with true artistic elements. It is when he presented the work at the Third International "Feria del Campo de Madrid".

"The works on animals are ephemeral. The hair of live animals grows and it ends nullifying the drawing"

After a time working on the skin of live animals, with the experience and gained recognition, especially in the International Fair, feels the need for further work in this new artistic expression. A long investigation process starts, which It will cover all his life. Ramón began to look for a support that allow him to move forward the technique. It is when he will test on a tanned skin that will give him a promising way of advance.

Primeros bocetos
Viejo con perro. 1969.

"This change of support (tanned skins) would certainly showed great potential. It continued to maintain the primitive characteristics of the technique, cutting hair and scraping of leather, and that alone would get more and more nuances(…)

But now I am working on a leathery skin, and it is allowing me an easier hair sculping and the work is finally unchanged over time. It was all so surprising that I felt a different person".

Dali y Ramon

Ramón Alcolea exhibited his first work on tanned hides, in its show of Artesculp, August 1962. The exhibition was a success and the works have reached a high level of artistic expression. He keep his passion for drawing, which led him to spend time among other destinations at the Escuela de Artes y Oficios de La Palma in Madrid, where he makes progress his drawing abilities.

The quality of the technique increases over time, on their trips to Madrid, Barcelona or Paris. In one of his trips to Barcelona contacts and presents its findings to Salvador Dalí in his home in Cadaques, experiences all that have enriched their cultural background and the technique maturation what began as a personal adventure without limit.

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